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Skyline 90 x 900 EQ Telescope!
Levenhuk Skyline 90 x 900 EQ Telescope, 6900000242971, 24297

Skyline 90 x 900 EQ Telescope!

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Ages 14+ w/parental supervision
Part Number:LEV 24297
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**EQ mounts can be frustrating for anyone, this type of mount is recommended for older children with parental assistance.

Levenhuk Skyline 90x900 EQ is a refractor with a large aperture, and the (more complicated) EQ2 mount perfect for astrophotograpy! We recommend parental assistance with this telescope. The equatorial mount, as opposed to an azimuth, compensates for the rotation of the Earth and allows a more precise tracking of astronomical objects, keeping them within sight through the eyepiece. The aluminum tripod has adjustable height.

Under ideal condition (low humidity, clear skies, and the higher the elevation the better) you will be able to see planets, double stars, globular clusters and diffuse nebulae. Uranus and Neptune appear in the form of small disks, but closer planets will be visible in more detail. For example, you will be able to distinguish Mars’ polar caps, the structure of sunspots and granulation on the Sun. Also, the telescope is good for lunar exploration if you want to see the craters. Under good conditions, all the Messier objects and bright NGC can be observed.

Click the Video button above to watch instructions on how to set up a telescope with an Equatorial (EQ) mount, or Click Here to watch on our YouTube channel! - will open in a new window

The telescope has a factory default adjustment and does not require additional and frequent adjustment, but this mount is more complicated than an altazimuth and parental assistance is recommended when needed. The high-res images are high contrast and sharp and without chromatic aberration. Highly detailed pictures even at large aperture. Can be used for photographing the Moon and planets. Suitable for both terrestrial and astronomical observations. Ideal for planetary observations and observations of binary stars. Suitable for beginners.

The kit includes telescope optical tube, SUPER 25 and SUPER 10 eyepieces, Equatorial EQ2) mount, aluminum tripod, diagonal mirror, user manual and lifetime warranty. The optics used in the eyepiece are glass with a special coating. Field of view is 50-52 degrees.

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